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Latest Articles

Trichoscopy – A Method for Hair and Scalp Diagnoses

Trichoscopy is a method used for diagnosing hair and scalp and evaluate the diseases. This method is based on dermoscopy. This method was developed by a renowned group of dermatologists of Poland, Japan, Italy, etc. In this method, the hair and scalp structures can be seen in many fold magnification. In the most popular research and clinical practice, the magnification ranges from 10-fold to 70-fold. This method is simple and… Read More »

Scalp Biopsy

No problem cannot be treated before knowing the exact cause. Here we are talking about the hair loss problem which is more common nowadays. Although there are no certain causes or reasons behind the hair loss, yet performing some diagnostic methods, we can understand the reasons behind hair shedding or thin. Out of various hair loss diagnostics methods, Scalp Biopsy is one of the most popular and proven technique. It… Read More »

Lichen Planopilaris

What is Lichen Planopilaris? Lichen Planopilaris is one of the inflammatory skin diseases which causes patchy hair losses. If the problem continues, it may lead to complete hair baldness on the scalp. This problem usually affects the middle-aged women and resulted through lichen planus. Lichen Planopilaris causes red pimples which appear just about a cluster of hairs. Blistering is quite rare in this case, although it may highly affect the… Read More »

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