Alopecia Universalis

What is Alopecia Universalis?

Alopecia Universalis (AU) is the condition of complete hair loss in which not only the head scalp but the whole human body gets affected. yes, in this disease, not only the hair baldness, hair loss may occur in the others areas of eyelashes, facial hair, body hairs. It slightly differs from the localized Alopecia Areata which resembles the patchy baldness on the scalp.

The exact reason for the disease is still unknown, although autoimmune disorder and genetic facts are the main cause of the Alopecia Universalis (AU) which directly attacks hair follicles. Hairs may regrow by own although the time of regrowth may take far longer time.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Alopecia Universalis (AU)?

Once you have the problems of Alopecia Universalis, you may start facing hair loss problems on the scalp or other body areas such:-

Some other symptoms include the hair loss inside the nose. Some may feel the problem of itching or burning sensation on the affected areas.

What are the Causes of Alopecia Universalis (AU)?

Alopecia Universalis (AU) is an advanced form of Alopecia Areata which raised due to autoimmune system. It starts with having round bald patches and converts into complete baldness. Here we will highlight the best possible causes of Alopecia Universalis:-

How is Alopecia Universalis (AU) Diagnosed?

Alopecia Universalis (AU) may be diagnosed with using many of the measurements. These are mentioned below:-

Diagnostic measures will help to know the exact cause so that right treatment can be offered.

What are the Treatments for Alopecia Universalis (AU)?

Being the rare type of disease, treatment is also limited. Although proven treatment is not available to cure the baldness completely of the head, some temporary topical creams and therapy will work best to improve the immune system and to cure the hair loss problems. Below mentioned the best Possible treatments for Alopecia Universalis (AU):-

The success rate of the treatment varies from person to person. Treatments may help to slow the hair loss process or to restore the affected areas. It is always kept in mind that the treatments will be offered after analyzing the age, medical history and severity of a disease. Another thing to keep in mind i.e., Car follicles never dies so the people may have the growing hairs on their own and some get the results after having effective treatments. Surgical treatments can also be offered to cure the hair loss at the initial stage. At the stage of complete baldness and skin irritation, Surgical procedures are never recommended.