Anagen Effluvium

What is Anagen Effluvium?

Anagen is a stage when the hair grows. Anagen Effluvium is critical hair loss condition which resembles the condition when the hairs are not able to grow even being in anagen phase or growing stage. The extensive hair loss is happened by fracturing the hair shafts at the level of the scalp. This type of hair loss occurred due to an environmental factor which blocks the enzymes from converting into steroids which are used to process keratinization. Environmental shock makes the hair brittle which breaks the hairs with the minimum effort even.

The condition of Anagen Effluvium can be acute or chronic if the problem persists for more than 6 months. The problem is majorly found in women who have long hairs. Anagen Effluvium can occur at any part of the body but head scalp is mostly affected by the same.

As per the researcher, Anagen Effluvium occurs when there is sufficient injury to the rapidly dividing keratinocytes in the hair matrix. The process decreases the metabolic activity of the hair shaft resulting in hair shaft fracture with minimal trauma. Hair breakage may start within days to weeks following the damage of the follicle.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Anagen Effluvium?

In case of Anagen Effluvium, hair fall will be more than the normal hair fall which can be identified while washing hairs. Hairs may look healthy, patches will not be available on the head but there will be generalized thinning of the hairs. The hair fall signs can be seen in the women majorly, men may rarely have such kind of symptom.

What are the Causes of Anagen Effluvium?

There are various factors responsible for Hair loss under Anagen Effluvium:-

How Anagen Effluvium is Diagnosed?

There are various factors to diagnose the Anagen Effluvium which are:-

What are the Treatments for Anagen Effluvium?

Chemotherapy has been considered the major reason to invite the Anagen Effluvium so stopping the treatment may lead to regrow hairs since the matrix cell division are not completely damaged.

So There are prescribed treatments are available to cure the Anagen Effluvium, but some preventive methods are given here:-