What is Folliculitis?

Folliculitis is one of the common skin disease and hair loss problems affecting the hair follicles.  Folliculitis occurred due to inflammation and infection in the hair follicles. Hair follicles are small skin cavities from which hair grows. For each hair, there will be its own follicle. Folliculitis may affect any area of the body except the area not having the hairs such as the palm of the hand, lips, soles of the feet etc. Otherwise, Folliculitis can be seen as affecting the whole body part including arms, legs, buttocks, genitals, chest, back, head and face. This condition can be visualized with the red small bumps having white pus in it.

Folliculitis seems to be caused by the fungal and bacterial infection which can be treated with the medications at the initial stage. It is uncomfortable, itchy, sore, embarrassing and painful sometimes, although it is less harmful to the human. Once the infection occurred, it may spread to other body parts as well. If the problem persists and not treated, it may lead to permanent hair loss and scarring. Folliculitis can never be life-threatening if due care is taken at the mild stage with proper prescriptions by the doctor or with self-care.

What are the Types of  Folliculitis?

There are certain types of Folliculitis are found in people which are mentioned below:-

We will explain both terms in details:-

Superficial Folliculitis

Several types of Superficial Folliculitis are:-

Deep Folliculitis

Several types of Deep Folliculitis are:-

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Folliculitis?

Recognising the Folliculitis is comparatively easy with regularly keeping an eye on the signs and symptoms which are given below:-

Once you feel the above-mentioned signs and symptoms, it is better to consult with the doctors to have anti-biotic or anti-fungal medicines as the main cause of the Folliculitis is bacteria or inflammation.

What are the Causes/ Risk factors of Folliculitis?

Folliculitis can affect any of the human beings on this earth. The main reason is infection or bacteria which can be found anywhere. Here we will describe the various causes and risk factors pertaining to Folliculitis:-

Folliculitis affects the follicle only so it can spread all across body instead of Palms, soles, mucous membrane, and lips.

How is Folliculitis Diagnosed?

To diagnose the folliculitis, your doctor may ask few questions related to your lifestyle and your medical history. The most commonly used diagnostics methods are:-

What are the Treatments for Folliculitis?

Finding the right solutions is always prerequisite which can be done by interacting with the expert dermatologist or hair experts in India. There are various treatments available although their right treatment will vary person to person depending on the exact causes and severity of the diseases. Here we are detailing the various treatments to cure the folliculitis:-

Medicinal Treatments for folliculitis:-

To cure the folliculitis, it is always necessary to end up the exact cause which can be initially stopped with using right kind of medicine in any way I.e., oral, cream or injections. There are some pills or creams are available which can be used to control the infection or inflammation. For a mild infection, gels, anti-biotics creams, lotions can be applied recommended by the doctor. Oral Anti-biotics will not be prescribed for mild folliculitis, but in case of severe folliculitis, oral medicine can be prescribed to control the infection.

Apart from this anti-fungal creams and shampoos can be used to treat the fungi and Yeast.

Pills or creams can decrease the inflammation. if you are suffering from the mild eosinophilic folliculitis, the doctor may offer you some cream to reduce itching. Patients with HIV/ AIDS may choose for the antiretroviral therapy.

Surgical Treatments for folliculitis:

Preventive Treatments for folliculitis:

Prevention is better than cure so better to use the preventive measurements which are given below:-

Home Remedies for folliculitis: 

The mild type of Folliculitis is usually improved with the home care. Given procedures will help the people to get relief from the pain, discomfort, infection, and itching:-

Right treatment will offer right result to cure the Folliculitis at any stage.