Ophiasis Alopecia

What is Ophiasis Alopecia?

Ophiasis Alopecia Areata is a type of Alopecia Areata in which one may suffer from the unique type of pattern hair losses which may involve the baldness of sides or lower back of the head scalp. The pattern will take a shape of a band. It can not be the effective treatment with the help of medicine only.  The condition gets its name from this snakelike pattern referring to the Greek word for snake – ophis.

What are the Symptoms of Ophiasis Alopecia?

The most common symptoms can be seen in the young boys or adults. The hair loss in around in the shape of a band around the head and the other parts of the scalp are unaffected.

What are the Causes of Ophiasis Alopecia?

There are no proven or verified causes attached to the Ophiasis Alopecia, although it is majorly resulted due to malfunction of the human immune system. Immune systems are used to regulate the body system as it generates white blood cells and antibodies which helps to fight against the bacteria, viruses, and infections inside the body.

In Ophiasis Alopecia, hair follicles are attacked by the immune system or malfunction causing the hair to fall. 

How is Ophiasis Alopecia Diagnosed?

Through Physical Examination Only

What are the Treatments for Ophiasis Alopecia?

It is assumed that the immune system can return to normal without any treatment but it may take years which may be depressing all the time. No one will like to wait for so long so better to take the timely treatment.

There are some products available in the market to hide and to cure the baldness such as wigs, weaves, creams, keratin hair fibers etc but all may have some kind of side-effects. If all the therapy and medications are not used to treat the baldness, Surgical Treatment can opt:-